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Save your time and effort- More than 70% of the time of executives in PR profession is wasted in activities such as media monitoring, analysis and reporting. This time should have been better utilized for more intellectual work related to communication strategy. Look at the enormous opportunity and time loss.

bluebytes provides the most organized newsletter, real time automated analysis and complete reporting tool

Showcase your effort- If ROI is one of your key result areas, then bluebytes comprehensive media monitoring, in-depth analysis and comprehensive reporting will help in showcase your effort best.

Easy to use solutions with focus on showcasing your effort in communication,
bluebytes reports comes with Circulation figures and Advertising Value Equivalent (AVE)

Organized comprehensive newsletter- Managing image is possibly one of the most difficult role in corporate, what with unexpected news popping up once in a while. So isn�t it important to keep track of all the news that media would report inadvertently too.

Covering all Metros and Major Cities in India for print media, plus online media; bluebytes has the reach and depth to capture all your relevant news

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