History of Media Monitoring:

History of Media Monitoring: The history of media monitoring dates back to the time even when public relations was not practiced as a profession. While there is no recorded incidence of how and when the media monitoring came into existence, it is believed that as far back as 1800s the news clips (media monitoring was known as “clipping service” then) were monetized commercially...

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Growing importance of Media Monitoring for CXOs

Media is the first and foremost source of such information for CXOs because it forms a right vehicle to reach the stakeholders of an organization. When messages interpreted wrongly, it can affect the company’s growth...

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Time has come for PR agencies to use external expertise to keep clients happy

Happy Clients = Growth + Steady Revenue

One can’t doubt the above equation, but the question is – how can we keep our clients happy?
Now I am not going to discuss client strategies, media relations or crisis communication; I am not an expert at that. However if you are a PR agency, I’d like you to take a look...

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