Analyzing your media coverage is hard work and time consuming, we do it in seconds for you
Creating reports is important but is mundane and boring, we have it ready for you
Presenting bluebytes media analysis that is automated, real time and in-depth

Ever wondered why your effort in getting media results is not getting the attention it deserves? It could be due to insufficient analysis presented to prove your case.

Slice & Dice your coverage Quantitatively and Qualitatively

- Don't be limited by periodicity (end of the month), chose your own date range and analyze
- Segregate and analyze your coverage through frequency, size, publication, geography and   journalist
- Qualify your effort with Classification, Media Branding, Tonality and Share of Voice
- Each qualitative analysis can be diced further through frequency, size, etc
- User empowered to qualify news article to remove ambiguity

Value added features to maximize your benefit:
- Smart, color differentiated graphs, to indentify and showcase trends
- Options to export the graphs and data table in pdf and xl
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Client Speak
Bluebytes analysis provides great insights and indepth analysis, yet its simplicity is astounding. The automated reports system is a savior for us in the agency.

Account Head,
amongst India's leading PR
and Communication agency

Preparing reports for the management or clients is the most important feedback activity to showcase and update on your effort and achievements. No wonder one spends so much time on it. But what if we reduce that time for you to almost zero?

Automated - Organize and collate data, prepare dossiers, in near zero time

- Automated ready indexes of all your news coverage with details in xl format
- bluebytes AVE with weight apportioned according to quality of the article, fair to the client and   agency
- Circulation figures of publication with each news article
- Chose your own period of creating reports based on events, conferences, etc.

Value added features to maximize your benefit:
- Colorful graphs in pdf, for print ready format to prepare dossier
- Facility to add your comments for each graph
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