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    Saturday , June 23, 2018


   Publication: The Hindu Business Line , Journalist:Shobha Roy
   Edition: Pune/ Delhi/ Chandigarh/ Hyderabad/ Chennai/ Ahmedabad/ Mumbai/ Bangalore/ Kolkata , Page No: 6 , Location: Middle Left , Size(sq.cms): 153

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Insurance firms ready to offer cover for infertility treatment
The cost of infertility treat­ment, which may require IVF, range upwards of Rs1.5 lakh to Rs2 lakh.
According to Anand Roy, Ex­ecutive Director & Chief Mar­keting Officer, Star Health, despite increasing demand, very few couples seek fertility treatment because of cost im­plications.
"As problems associated with maternity increase, couples look for alternative treatment. The increasing success rate of such treat­ments means a rise in exclus­ive maternity-related insur­ance covers for speciality products, such as infertility, genetic disorders and con­genital anomalies," Roy said in an e-mailed response.
Star Health launched the coverage for Assisted Repro­duction Treatment in its product 'Family Health Op­tima' in December 2016.
Anurag Rastogi, Member of Executive Management, HDFC Ergo, felt that planning a child is a personal choice and should not be bound by any financial implications.
Magma HDI, which offers insurance for IVF treatment under its 'OneHealth' policy, witnessed 'quite an encour­aging' response since its launch eight months back.
Kolkata, June 22
Nearly 27.5 million couples in India suffer from infertility. And the number is likely to go up by more than 10 per cent by 2022, according to a 2015 Ernst & Young report. Sensing an opportunity, insurance companies, which have so far been shying away from offer­ing cover for infertility treat­ments, are now looking to come up with retail products.
According to Vaidyanathan Ramani, Head-Product and In­novation, Policybazaar.com, while it is not too difficult to find cover for infertility treat­ment on the group platform, most retail health policies ex­clude infertility treatments. Moving forward, insurers of­fering maternity benefit may look at designing products for infertility.
"Given that the process of treatment, including that of in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) has got more defined, and the fact that the risk is not too diffi­cult to comprehend, we may see more number of compan­ies offering such policies," Ramani told BusinessLine.
Only a few companies such as Magma HDI General Insur­ance and Star Health & Allied Insurance have offerings on the retail platform.
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Date: Saturday , June 23, 2018
Publication: The Hindu Business Line, Journalist: Shobha Roy
Edition: Pune/Delhi/Chandigarh/Hyderabad/Chennai/Ahmedabad/Mumbai/Bangalore/Kolkata, Page No: 6, Location: Middle Left, Size(sq.cms): 153