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    Sunday , June 03, 2018


   Publication: Business India , Agency:Bureau
   Edition: National , Page No: 21 , Location: Top , Size(sq.cms): 56

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stakeholders include leaders, teachers, faculty, and other educators, research­ers, policymakers, funders, technol­ogy developers, community members and organisations.
Moreover, learning, teaching, and assessment enabled by technology require a robust infrastructure. Key ele­ments of this infrastructure include high-speed connectivity and devices that are available to teachers and stu­dents when they need them. Aside from wires and devices, a comprehensive learning infrastructure includes digital learning content and other resources as well as professional development for educators and education leaders.
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Date: Sunday , June 03, 2018
Publication: Business India, Agency: Bureau
Edition: National, Page No: 20, Location: Fullpage, Size(sq.cms): 456