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    Wednesday , October 08, 2014


   Publication: The Indian Express , Agency:Bureau
   Edition: Pune , Page No: 5 , Location: Top Left , Size(sq.cms): 64

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Latest Techniques
A RECENT live endo-hernia workshop by JT Surgical Solu­tion at Poona Hospital was attended by over 200 surgeons. Since hernia has become a common yet curable surgical disease, it requires specialised skills to best perform a re-pairsurgery. Dr Jayashree Todkar from Poona Hospital has been leading such training workshops for surgeons na­tionally. The workshop was held underthe guidance of Dr Maciej Smietanski from Poland, a board member of the European Hernia Society. He spoke about the inspiring de­velopments in the field of hernia repair and new technol­ogy such as the 3D Max Mesh to improve the quality of the treatment. He also appreciated the continuous efforts of Todkar to conduct such workshops to update surgeons on latest techniques available in India.
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Date: Wednesday , October 08, 2014
Publication: The Indian Express, Agency: Bureau
Edition: Pune, Page No: 5, Location: Top Left, Size(sq.cms): 64