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    Thursday , May 12, 2016


   Publication: Deccan Herald , Agency:Bureau
   Edition: Delhi , Page No: 13 , Location: Middle Center , Size(sq.cms): 168

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Parag Milk Foods doses IPO, issue oversubscribed
MUMBAI, DHNS: Pune-based dairy products company Parag Milk Foods has closed its initial public offering (IPO) as the qualified institutional buyer (QIB) portion was fully sub­scribed.
The company had cut the is­sue price and extended the IPO as the QIB portion had not been fully subscribed.
According to data available on the NSE website, the QIB portion was subscribed 1.15 times with bids being received for 1.22 crore shares against the issue size of 1.06 crore shares.
The overall issue was sub­scribed 1.83 times with bids for 3.56 crore shares against the issue size of 1.95 crore shares. The retail portion was sub­scribed over 2 times, while the non institutional investor por­tion was subscribed over 3 times.
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Date: Thursday , May 12, 2016
Publication: Deccan Herald, Agency: Bureau
Edition: Delhi, Page No: 13, Location: Middle Center, Size(sq.cms): 168