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    Thursday , May 12, 2016


   Publication: Business Standard , Journalist:Samie Modak
   Edition: Chennai/ Hyderabad/ Bangalore/ Kolkata , Page No: 14 , Location: Bottom Center , Size(sq.cms): 40

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Parag Milk IPO sails through
Maharashtra-based Parag Milk Foods managed to successfully close its Initial Public Offering (IPO) of shares on Wednesday. The company received 1.15 times subscription in the qualified institutional buyer(QIB)segment. Parag Milk'sRs.750-crore lPo was forced to cut the issue price and extend closing by three days as it had not garnered the full QIB participation. SAMIEMODAK
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Date: Thursday , May 12, 2016
Publication: Business Standard, Journalist: Samie Modak
Edition: Chennai/Hyderabad/Bangalore/Kolkata, Page No: 1, Location: Bottom Center, Size(sq.cms): 40