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    Saturday , July 09, 2016


   Publication: The Economic Times , Agency:Bureau
   Edition: Kolkata , Page No: 4 , Location: Top Right , Size(sq.cms): 20

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Kumaraswami is CEO of Magma HDI
KOLKATA: Rajive Kumaraswami has taken over as the new chief executive of Magma HDI General Insurance Company, the compa­ny announced Friday. Prior to this assignment, Kumaraswami was with SCOR Re where he served as the chief representa­tive for the Indian sub-continent for four years. The former ban­ker with ICICl Bank has replaced Swaraj Krishnan. - Our Bureau
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Date: Saturday , July 09, 2016
Publication: The Economic Times, Agency: Bureau
Edition: Kolkata, Page No: 4, Location: Top Right, Size(sq.cms): 20