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    Wednesday , October 01, 2014

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Revolutionary Tools to Improve quality of treatment for Hernia-BY SACHIN MURDESHWAR

Revolutionary tools to improve quality of treatment for hernia

Mumbai, 24thSeptember 2014:A leading multinational developer of innovative, life-enhancing medical technologies, and revolutionary tools in the arena of hernia repair surgeries, is back with the second series ofits well appreciated program, the Surgical Training and Educational Program2.0. The STEP 2.0 is a series of training and educational program, which will be conducted in various cities across India highlighting recent advancement and updates on hernia treatment.

Dr. Maciej Smietanski,M.D.Ph.D.,Board Member and Secretary of Scientific Research,European Hernia Society, a surgeon of international repute from Poland and author of 36 scientific works in the field of hernia repair, will perform four back-to-back live surgeries at Sir JJ Hospital, Mumbai, using innovative tools and techniques. The four surgeries will showcasevarious complications involved with general hernia surgeries and its solutions through the leading-edge tools, which meet the needs of healthcare professionals and patients. These tools are designed keeping in mind the obstacles faced with conventional approach such as anatomical shape of 3DMax™ Mesh offersthe surgeon and patient, benefits that he or she cannotreceive from a conventional flat mesh.

Speaking at the program, Dr. Smietanskisaid, “This new technologiessuch as 3D max mesh, Composix, Permafix, SorbafixandSepramesh areaimed at improving the quality of treatment of herniasrepaired laparoscopically. The procedure is typically completed in less than 1 hourunder general anesthesia. Most hernia operations are performed on an outpatientbasis and, therefore, you will probably go home on thesame day that the operation is performed.Like any surgery, there is always a chance forcomplications, like infection or hernia recurrence, however Surgery using the Bard’s 3DMax™ Mesh reduces the risk ofhernia recurrence. The chance of your hernia returningafter a tension-free surgery is less than one percent! Thechance of recurrence is greater if the repair is performedwith a non-mesh Tissue-to-Tissue technique.”

Some of the advantages of 3DMax™ Mesh is the minimal incision approach. Laparoscopic hernia repairs using 3DMax™ Mesh aredone with only three separate incisions – approximately1 cm each. Other methods call for larger incisions, and because of these smaller incisions, patients will be able to return to normal activities within a short span of time.

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Date: Wednesday , October 01, 2014
Publication: primenewsandtimes.com, Agency: Bureau
Edition: Internet, Page No: 0, Location: Internet, Size(sq.cms): 0