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    Tuesday , October 07, 2014


   Publication: DNA Times , Agency:Bureau
   Edition: Pune , Page No: 3 , Location: Middle Right , Size(sq.cms): 120

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Techniques in Endo - Hernia Repair
Pune : JT Surgical Solution with Poona Hospital and research centre conducted an International Live Endo Hernia workshop           at           Poona
Hospital.Hernia is one of the most common and completely curable surgical diseases. If not treated in time it can lead to life threatening complications this is one of the most commonly per­formed operations. If the opera­tion to repair the hernia is not performed with proper tech­nique, it can lead to recurrence or other complications. It is learnt that to best perform a Laparoscopic Hernia repair sur­gery special skill acquisition is required. Hence, it is important for the surgeons to routinely hone their surgical skills by attending such international workshops. Dr. Jayashree Todkar from" Poona Hospital has always been leading such training work­shops for surgeons nationally. It
is worthwhile mentioning that Dr. Jayashree Todkar and the Poona Hospital hold the Limca Book of records for performing 46 hernia repair surgeries in 10 hours in 2005 and this record still stands unbeaten.
More than 200 surgeons had registered for this International workshop on advanced tech­niques in Endo Hernia Repair which was conducted under the guidance of Dr. Maciej Smietanski from Poland. Dr. Smietanski is a Board Member of the European Hernia Society; an institute looked up to for the recent developments in endo her-nia repair. Speaking at this work­shop, Dr. Smietanski said that the recent developments in the field of endo hernia repair have been inspiring and the new technolo­gies such as the 3D Max mesh are aimed at improving the qual­ity of treatment of hernias repaired laparoscopically.
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Date: Tuesday , October 07, 2014
Publication: DNA Times, Agency: Bureau
Edition: Pune, Page No: 3, Location: Middle Right, Size(sq.cms): 120