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    Thursday , May 12, 2016


   Publication: Financial Chronicle , Agency:Bureau
   Edition: Delhi/ Mumbai/ Chennai/ Bangalore , Page No: 5 , Location: Bottom Center , Size(sq.cms): 100

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Parag Milk IPO subscribed 1.83 times
Parag Milk Foods' IPO got over­subscribed 1.83 times, with the QIB quota receiving full subscrip­tion on the final day. The retail portion was oversubscribed 2.12 times. The issue was fully sub­scribed at Rs 227 per share, the firm said.
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Date: Thursday , May 12, 2016
Publication: Financial Chronicle, Agency: Bureau
Edition: Delhi/Mumbai/Chennai/Bangalore, Page No: 5, Location: Bottom Center, Size(sq.cms): 100