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    Monday , June 04, 2018


   Publication: The Times of India , Agency:Bureau
   Edition: Delhi , Page No: 06 , Location: Top Left , Size(sq.cms): 364

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'Quantum of demand and hefty
pay packages make data science a good career option'
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ied opportunities for food technologists.
Besides food manufactur­ers, large retailers (regular and. e-commerce) like Cargill, Danon, Amazon etc and exporters, food tech­nology and research labs and quality control depart­ments in food processing units provide openings for those specialising in food science and nutrition, phar­macology, bacteriology, tox­icology, packaging technol­ogy, organic chemistry, bio­chemistry, analytical chem-
DATA SCIENTIST What educational qualification is required to be a data scientist? Which are the good courses? Is it a viable career option? What kind of jobs can one get after pursuing a programme in data science?
Tushar Handa
ing etc. Among the reputed courses in data science are the Joint PGP programmes offered by IIT-Kanpur, ISI-K (Indian Statistical Institute-Kolkata) and IIM-K (Indian Institute of Management -Kozhikode); HIT (Interna­tional Institute of Informa­tion Technology) Banga­lore, Aegis School of Data Science's PGP (Post Gradu­ate Programme) in Data Science in association with IBM and Praxis Business School etc are some of the institutes that offer good data science courses. These courses equip you to become a data scientist, business analyst, risk ana­lyst, machine learning en­gineer, big data engineer, big data software architect, hadoop developer, business intelligence analyst, fraud analytics manager, net­work/telecom analyst, and global research analyst.
I want to pursue a career in the food industry, but not necessarily as a chef. Could you please tell me what options are available in this field? I am a science student (I just appeared in JEE Main) and run my own food blog. My parents want me to go for a conventional engineering option. What should I do? Harsh Jamkhedkar
Here is a via media that will equip you to have your cake and eat it too — in the sense that you will be in the field you love while ful­filling your parents' dream of seeing you as an engi­neer. I am talking about food technology as a ca­reer. Accounting for 32% of the country's total food market, food processing happens to be one of the largest industries in India. The immense potential for value addition, particu­larly in the area of food pro­cessing is what makes it a truly high-growth and high-profit sector, which in turn, offers ample and var-
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istry and microbiology. You could also look for opportu­nities in some of the large PSUs like the Food Corpo­ration of India, and the North-Eastern Regional Agricultural Marketing Cor­poration and other major, co-operatives like Amul, Verka, Mother Dairy, Nafed, Mafco etc.
While every state has its own food-testing lab, there are four Central Food Labs (Mysore, Pune, Ghaziabad and Kolkata). R&D depart­ments at CFTRI (Central Food Technological Re­search Institute), and the Defence Food Laboratory, Mysore, also recruit spe­cialists in this field. More­over, you can also start your own venture — be it in processing or packaged food. The food processing industries offer liberal grants for setting up food processing units for milk, cereal, fruit and vegetable, fish, meat and poultry products or for grain milling, cold storage, up­grading existing units, set­ting up post-harvest infra­structure (warehousing, grading, sorting, packag­ing) and backward linkages (i.e. contract farming or ex-tension services). For de­tails, log on to: www.mof-pi.nic.in                           
There are several           
excellent BTech courses in food tech including the one offered by National Institute of Food Technology, Entrepreneurship & Management (NIFTEM) at Kundli (Haryana). The icing on the cake is that the selection is based on JEE Main scores.
Termed the 'sexiest job of the 21st century' by Har­vard Business Review, data science is one of the most remunerative and intellec­tually challenging fields, whose demand spans ... across sectors — globally.
Although India is the" fourth largest supplier of data scientists, NASSCOM pegs our requirement for data scientists at over two lakh (while McKinsey pre­dicts a shortfall of 1.5 mil­lion data managers and IBM expects the annual de­mand to touch seven lakh by 2020). The sheer quan­tum of demand and hefty pay packages combine to make this a great career option — with salaries for freshers ranging between Rs 5.5-15 lakh.
What is more, any gradu­ate from any stream is qualified to become a data scientist as long as he has domain knowledge and ap­plied skills in all or some fields such as mathematics, statistics, machine learn­ing, deep learning, natural language processing (NLP), R, Python, SQL, SAS; visu­alisation tool like Cognos, ClickView, Tableau and Big Data tools like Hadoop, Spark and visualisation tools like Cogonos, Tableau, Click View etc.
Several companies are hiring master's degree holders in statistics, data science and machine learn-
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Date: Monday , June 04, 2018
Publication: The Times of India, Agency: Bureau
Edition: Delhi, Page No: 6, Location: Top Left, Size(sq.cms): 364