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    Monday , May 09, 2016


   Publication: The Hindu , Agency:Bureau
   Edition: Mumbai , Page No: 6 , Location: Middle , Size(sq.cms): 15

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Parag Milk Foods cuts IPO price, extends date of closure
MUMBAI: Parag Milk Food; Ltd has extended the closure of its public issue to May 11 and has revised the lower end of the price band downwards to attract investors. This Initial Public Offer (IPO) was to close on Friday. The issue has been extended due to lukewarm interest from institutional investors. Now the lower end of the price band has been reduced by Rs 5 and has been fixed at Rs 215 while the upper band has remained unchanged at Rs 227.
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Date: Monday , May 09, 2016
Publication: The Hindu, Agency: Bureau
Edition: Mumbai, Page No: 6, Location: Middle, Size(sq.cms): 15