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    Tuesday , July 07, 2015

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   Publication: drugtodayonline.com , Journalist:Rohit Kumar
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In a first, Medanta uses vacuum assisted breast biopsy to detect cancer


Medanta – The Medicity has introduced a vacuum assisted breast biopsy technology for early detection of cancer. The technology is said to be ground breaking for early detection of breast cancer and is likely to make the procedure for its treatment easier.

In India, the average age of developing breast cancer has undergone a significant shift over the last few decades with an increasing number of young and middle aged women suffering from the disease.  Today, almost 48 per cent of the breast cancer patients are below 50 years of age with an increasing number of patients in the 25 to 40 years age bracket, which is a very disturbing trend.

Cultural taboos too worsen the problem with women generally delaying the process of diagnosis itself. However, with increasing awareness, more women go for regular breast screening and mammography especially if they fall in the high risk category, for an MRI for early and accurate detection of the disease.

Breast MRI is a very sensitive technique, which can pick up abnormalities as small as 1-2mm. However in India, till very recently, there were not many means of sampling these small MRI suspected lesions to determine their nature (cancerous or non-cancerous).

With this technology, the biopsy (removing tissue from a living body) for these small lesions can now be performed under MRI guidance. MRI helps guide the doctor to the site of abnormality and the procedure requires only local anesthesia, reducing the whole procedure to a comfortable 45 minutes.

The procedure involves a single needle insertion with vacuum pressure under the guidance of the MRI. Without withdrawing and reinserting the needle multiple samples can be collected, which are larger in size than a conventional needle used in biopsy procedure. Larger samples increase the accuracy of the diagnosis.

Dr JyotiArora, senior consultant radiologist at Medanta – The Medicity, said, “This technology is currently the one-stop solution for all breast biopsy requirements and is highly recommended for difficult lesions when we can’t target them under other modalities like ultrasound and mammography. The Vacuum Assisted Breast Biopsy technology increases the efficiency, accuracy and eases the process of targeting such small breast lesions and therefore is practiced as a gold standard across the globe.”

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Date: Tuesday , July 07, 2015
Publication: drugtodayonline.com, Journalist: Rohit Kumar
Edition: Internet, Page No: 0, Location: Internet, Size(sq.cms): 0